Symposium of Biology Students in Europe

logo-2017_svetlana-copySymBioSE is the annual Symposium of Biology Students in Europe. It creates an opportunity for Biology students from all over Europe to get together to inspire each other, discuss their future and the future of Biology, and to think about concerns arising from biological research.

Our main objectives are to broaden the horizons of the participating students by excursions, workshops and lectures, to connect participants by discussions and cultural exchange and to inform everybody about current university matters.

The science of biology will always be the running theme, but political and ethical levels lift the focus from pure science when appropriate. SymBioSE meetings are a good occasion to exchange information and thoughts about biology, making foreign contacts and new friends.

The 2oth SymBioSE will take place in Sweden during the last week of July 2017! We are looking forward to welcome you in Lund!