In July 2017, SymBioSE will take place in Lund, Sweden for the first time.
The aim of the symposium is to provide a platform for scientific exchange and networking among European biology students in Bachelor, Master, and PhD programmes. 60 foreign and 15 Swedish participants and Sweden-based expert scientists will present their results and discuss their latest findings in a variety of biological fields. Furthermore, SymBioSE 2017 will go beyond academic research and introduce students to the rich diversity of industrial life science research conducted at companies in Skåne. The symposium is complemented by a social programme, which enhances cultural exchange and understanding.
We will have a special focus on Sustainability this year during SymBioSE, and we want to raise the awareness in all different fields of biology.


Key Elements: 

Presentations: Students and researchers discuss their latest projects, findings, and news from life science.
Poster Sessions: Best practise to present projects, giving valuable discussion input.
Workshops: Learning by doing and small group discussions shape the scientific understanding.
Excursions: Discovering biological, cultural, and culinary specialities of Lund and Sweden.
Country Presentations: A unique opportunity to learn about culture and tradition of the participating nations.
Social Programme: A good atmosphere supports friendship and scientific collaborations.