Who is organising SymBioSE?

SymbioSE is completely organised by students of the hosting country. Every year at SymBioSE we vote who will host SymBioSE in two year. In case you are interested in organising SymBioSE 2019, you are welcome to prepare a proposal and present your idea at SymBioSE!

Do I have to give an oral presentation?

Giving a presentation or workshop is a perfect opportunity to practise your presentation skills in English. Students who contribute to the programme will be granted higher priority in the selection of participants.  You can give a presentation about what you have done during a summer project, your Bachelor or Master thesis, or a topic that interests you.

In the application it asks what my presentation will be about. Do I already need to have a proper abstract formulated? 

No. For the application its enough if you just roughly write what you want to talk about, in form of a short summary. If you get selected for SymBioSE, we will ask you to then send us your abstract in May.

I’m interested in giving a workshop, but I don’t know really what I should do.

A workshop should be an interactive group discussion, where you are the leader or moderator. You can choose any topic you think could be interesting to discuss. Examples could be: ‘To do a PhD or not?’, ‘How to give a good presentation’, ‘Ethical issues about the CRISPR gen-editing technique’, ‘Lessons I learnt from doing an ERASMUS semester’ etc

What is all included in the participation fee?

You get accommodation and meals during the days of the conference. Also all activities that are included in the program and transportation is covered. Travel to and from Lund is not covered and needs to be organised by participants.

I really would like to participate, but I don’t have enough money to pay the participation fee. Is there anything I can do?

If your financial status does not allow you to cover the participation fee of €150.-, you can apply for a scholarship. In this case please substantiate here why you need a reduction and how much. Please state this in the application form. Note that we can’t guarantee you a stipend.

I’m Gluten-intolerant. Can I still apply for SymBioSE?

Of course! Please just mention it in the application form, so that we can organise your meals accordingly. Same goes for any other allergies.

I’m French, but study in Finland. Which country will I be counted to?

You will be counted to the country where you are study at the time point of application.

How are participants selected?

We will have 60 participants at this years SymBioSE. Participants will be selected from all received applications after the registration is closed. We aim for a balance between study level, study field and countries. Applicants that are willing to actively participate in the program (e.g. giving a oral presentation) will have higher priorities.