Keynote speakers

During SymBioSE 2017 you will have the honour to listen to the talks of the following confirmed keynote speakers:

Professor Eric Warrant:

His group is part of the Lund Vision Group, which one of the leading groups in comparative visual science in the world. He is specially interested in vision and visual behaviour in dim light, nocturnal visual processing, deep-sea vision, eye design and insect vision. For his discovery that when dung beetles get lost, they can navigate their way home by looking at the Milky Way he won the Ig Nobel Prize in Biology and Astronomy (the Ig Nobels are awarded for “research that first makes you laugh and then makes you think”) in 2013.

Dr. Jessica K. Abbott:

Jessica Abbott is one of several PIs in the ‘Experimental evolution, ecology, and behaviour group at the Biology Department at Lund University. Her main interest is in the evolutionary genetics of sex differences, especially sexually antagonistic genetic variations. In other words, she is interested is studying genes that have opposite effects on the fitness of males and females.

Professor John R. Couchman:

The Couchman group is located at the Biotech Research & Innovation Centre in Copenhagen. They are interested in extracellular biology and the regulation of cell behaviour.

Associate Professor Tomas Björklund:

The Molecular Neuromodulation Group  is to bring together frontline gene-based technologies with in vivo gene transfer, behavioral and cognitive assessments in disease models of Parkinson’s disease and related disorders for the development of new clinical therapies.